Pallet Project Idea: Backyard Patio

Hooray! After tagging my husband on Facebook with a variety of pallet project ideas, he finally made something!

Pallet Project Idea

Our new backyard patio is still a work in progress, but at least we repurposed several pallets and my husband showed me he knows how to reduce, reuse and recycle. He even reused our old garden edging stones and pavers to create a fire pit.

DIY Backyard Pallet Patio

I'm looking forward to next spring when we can spruce up the area a little more and have a warm and inviting space for our family and friends.

And during one of our trips to pick up pallets, I brought this home since it was so "visually interesting" and I knew I could do something fun with it:

Future Pallet Shelving Unit?

With the extra wood from our pallet patio, this may very well end up in my craft room as hanging pallet shelves! What would you do with it? ~Danielle