It's Time for a BLOGcation!

Summer has officially started and I'm ready for a BLOGcation! My weekly Wednesday posts will restart again in late summer so I can spend time with family and focus on my to-do list projects. If you need a dose of creativity, check out the summertime craft ideas below. ~Danielle


Mr. Miyagi's Backyard: Scrapbooked Two Different Ways

I didn't plan on scrapbooking any old photos during last month's Layout a Day (LOAD514), but I ended up creating two different scrapbook layouts about an unplanned subject: the backyard where I grew up, often referred to as Mr. Miyagi's backyard.

The first page is a paper layout where scraps played a huge part, along with a mix of old photos, even ones I had cut up years ago.

My parent's backyard has always been a beautiful work-in-progress and why I decided to create a digital page using PicsArt. I simply took photos of old photos, combined them with recent photos and brought them together in the app on my phone.

The end result: two different layouts about the same subject. The journaling and photos are unique to each page and stories have been documented. Success! That's what scrapbooking is all about. ~Danielle



Scraplifting Myself

Over the years, I've learned to enjoy scraplifting layouts I love and using sketches. I used to be against these two forms of scrapbooking and didn't like copying other people's pages or being confined to a sketch. Then I realized, it's okay to use these tools as starting points. Most of the time, the end result doesn't even compare to the initial inspiration.

So what happens when I scraplift myself?

The first page was created as a featured layout for Layout a Day (May 2013). It's 12x12, filled with scraps and shows two photos, an original and it's Instagram.

I did the scraplift during Layout a Day (May 2014). It's also 12x12, but cut into four sections for the 6x6 pocket page. Scraps are also used, as well as two different photos.

I like to create unique pages, all different from the rest. And these two pages, even though very similar are still different. Different subjects. Different colors. Different embellishments. Different form. And both, a couple of my favorite pages.

How do you feel about scraplifting? Have you ever scraplifted yourself? ~Danielle