Tutorial: No Sew T-Shirt Bag

I don't sew. Sewing machines scare me and it's a rare occasion when I sew by hand. I like no sew projects and these easy to make t-shirt bags

Upcycled Fashion: T-Shirt Bags

As I organized my closet, I didn't want to donate these two worn-out green-themed t-shirts, so I upcycled them instead and here's how:

No Sew T-Shirt Bag Tutorial

In less than thirty minutes, I had two new bags to show off and looking forward to making more in the future. ~Danielle


EcoSpotlight: Eco-Conscious Children Changing the World
Mini Eco-Friendly Scrapbooks
Upcycled Projects for Every Month of the Year


EcoSpotlight: Eco-Conscious Children Changing the World

It's Earth Day! As your EcoScrapbooker, I'm delighted to spend this green holiday with all of you and have three amazing stories to share.

I'm far from being an eco-activist and know there are many more changes needed before feeling comfortable with adding an eco-friendly label to my family. That's why when I hear about children taking a stand and successfully changing the world for the better, I'm inspired and want to do more.

I encourage you to read the brief introductions and check out the links given to learn more about these three eco-conscious children who have changed the world around them.


Photo Source: The Sustainable Spot

Let's begin with EcoErek since he's a local boy who's made the news several times over the past few years. In 2009, Erek Hansen held his first denim drive and shipped 1684 pieces to National Geographic to set a world record. As the largest donor, he attended the ceremony in Washington D.C.

Several years and many awards later, Erek has collected over 19,000 pieces of denim and nearly 12,000 shoes. The 6th annual Denim Drive has started and if you're in the Northwest Ohio area, stop by the Toledo Zoo's "Party for the Planet" on April 26 and drop off your unwanted jeans.


Photo Source: Change.org

When Mia Hansen (unsure if she's related to Erek) was ten-years-old, she created a petition to stop Jamba Juice from using Styrofoam cups. Over 134,000 signatures later, Jamba Juice agreed to phase out the chemically-laden cups by the end of 2013.


Photo Source: Change.org

In 2012, Abby Goldberg was thirteen-years-old and already knew plastic bags were damaging the environment. She wanted her town to ban plastic bags and like Mia, she started a petition on Change.org. The signed petition was given to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, who then called Abby to let her know he would veto legislation that would make it illegal to ban plastic bags. See her interview on HLN

Have you heard of an inspirational child making eco-friendly changes? Let me know in the comments below or share with me on Twitter or Facebook. ~Danielle



Mini Eco-Friendly Scrapbooks

Eco-friendly scrapbooking is an alternative form of traditional memory-keeping. Ecoscrapbookers are still documenting photos and telling stories, but look for a more "green" approach. We turn to recycled cardstock and often make our own embellishments by turning trash to treasure. We like the thought-process behind using items from around the home and making beautiful creations.

There are plenty of ways to create a mini scrapbook and today we'll focus on four: cardboard, paper bags, toilet paper rolls and coasters.


Example: Documenting Earth Day activities in a mini scrapbook album - I used cardboard, leftover DCWV recycled paper, nature-themed scrapbook paper (that I bought years ago and never used), The Cinch (book-binder + wire), fibers and black ink. Read more...

Paper Bags

Example: 100 Days of Summer scrapbook - I fell in love with Christy Musack's summer-themed paper bag album and contacted her immediately since I HAD to share it with my EcoScrapbook readers. Read more...

Toilet Paper Rolls

Example: Fun in the Sun mini scrapbook - Everywhere I look, there seems to be a mini-album popping up made from toilet paper rolls. I have yet to make my very own, but thought Jenn Bidwell Edwardson's toilet paper roll mini-album was adorable. Read more...


Example: Pics From the Vault mini-album - This little coaster scrapbook represents the early years of my relationship with my husband. I've called it Pics From The Vault since the majority of photos have never been shown to our children...until now. Read more...

Have you ever made your own mini scrapbook? ~Danielle