How to Make Melted Crayons

I'm a crayon collector! Each year, after school lets out, I take all the used crayons my children bring home and dump them into a gallon container. They get used sometimes, but as broken, pointless crayons, they're often overlooked. I think I probably have crayons from my childhood in there too! (Hoarder Alert!)

I've always wanted to make new crayons out of the old ones and finally did so with my six-year-old. We made them to pass out to her class for Valentine's Day.

They're about the size of Reese Cups and each one is unique.

Here’s how we made melted crayon Valentines:


Several broken/unwanted crayons

Cutting board


Paper towels

Cupcake liners

Muffin pans


Oven mitts

Small treat bags


1. Peel off the crayon wrappers.

2. Have a parent chop up the crayons into smaller pieces. I used a few paper towels on a cutting board and a large kitchen knife. Set oven to 250 degrees.

3. Place cupcake liners into muffin pans.

4. Fill the cupcake liners halfway with crayon pieces.

5. Bake in a pre-heated oven until crayons are melted into a liquid, about 10-12 minutes. Use oven mitts to remove pans from oven.

6. Let the melted crayons cool for about 3 hours or overnight before peeling off cupcake liners.

7. Insert melted crayons into small treat bags to pass out to your class.

You can use stickers to seal the bags or tie bows with ribbon. As always, get creative and have fun! ~Danielle

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