How I Organize My Eco-Friendly Craft Supplies

As I become more of an eco-friendly scrapbooker and crafter, there are things I collect to use on my scrapbook layouts, upcycled projects and for the classes I teach. I've decided to share with you how I currently organize my stash of recyclables: coffee sleeves, clothing tags, puzzle pieces and so much more.

This is a Close To My Heart organizer with things from my baby shower (in 2002), assorted fabric and ribbons, tickets, dryer lint, playing cards, used gift cards, puzzle pieces, bread ties, produce mesh, clothing tags, etc.:

Here's how I organize paper scraps (check out this video for more info), along with paper I made with some of my scraps (back row):

This is a desk drawer where I stash random things and the scraps from cropped photos:

Below is another drawer filled with cardboard, bubble wraps, boxes, Easter grass, children's books, extra baggies, etc.:

In the containers below, I save coffee sleeves, Glue Dots rolls, ribbon rolls, game pieces and other boxes that will eventually become mini-books:

Check out the foam, pill sleeves, old business cards, biodegradable ribbon, used Glue Dots containers, restaurant coasters and paper scraps leftover from books I've made:

And here's a basket filled with more random stuff I have yet to organize:

Old folders, mailers, cereal boxes and other cardboard get saved in this storage container:

And finally, the bottom shelf of my storage closet are an assortment of containers just waiting to be upcycled:

How do you organize your eco-friendly craft supplies? ~Danielle


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