Kid's Room Craft: Chalkboard Headband Storage

As a mom of two girls, I have to deal with excess "girly things" like headbands and since I do like to craft, I came up with this hanging chalkboard headband storage (say that five times fast):

Kid's Room Craft Tutorial: Hanging Chalkboard Headband Storage


Glue Dots® (Lines, Mini, Micro)
3 plastic ice cream containers with lids
chalkboard paint (Rust-Oleum)
paint brush
painter's tape
sunglasses rope
neon craft foam shapes (bug and butterfly kit)
googly eyes
pipe cleaners
wire cutters
decorative cardstock

1. Lightly sand the outside of each ice cream container. Wash and dry the containers.

2. Drill holes into the top of each container and into the bottom of two containers. Cover holes in the inside of each container with painter's tape to prevent paint drips.

3. Apply three coats of chalkboard paint to the outside of the containers and allow at least 4 hours of drying time in between coats. Set aside for 3 days.

4. Create 6 foam butterflies/bugs with antenna from the kit (2 for each ice cream container) and use Mini and Micro Glue Dots® to secure pieces together.

5. Remove the painter's tape once chalkboard paint has set for 3 days. Cut the sunglasses rope (mine came straight from the 1980s!!) into 3 equal pieces and thread through the drilled holes, tying knots to secure into place. Cut off excess rope.

6. Decorate the chalkboard containers with frames created from foam strips and the butterflies/bugs from Step 4. Use Glue Dots® Glue Lines to adhere foam to the containers. Add additional foam shapes if desired.

7. Cut the ends of each ice cream container lid and attach decorative paper with Mini Glue Dots® to the tops. Secure the cut lids to the bottom of each container with Glue Dots® Glue Lines to keep headbands from falling out.

8. Hang the chalkboard headband storage, insert headbands and use chalk to write messages on the sides.

Try painting wood or cardboard shapes with neon acrylic paint as an alternative to foam. It's all about getting creative, repurposing items from around the home and sharing projects with others. ~Danielle

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Disclosure: This blog post was written while participating on the Glue Dots design team.