Take Twelve: June 2012

Yesterday was Take Twelve, an ordinary day, except the girls were visiting my parents and I had a chance to go out to dinner with my hubby. Let's have a look at my day...

1. First coat of the chalkboard door.
(And I painted another chalkboard to go on the opposite side of kitchen).

2. Grocery list.

3. Vacuum (and other household chores...except I skipped the dishes).

4. Organize fridge (prepping for grocery shopping).

5. Workout.

6. Shower and get ready to go out to dinner.

7. Entering Levis Commons in Perrysburg.

8. Drinking a pina colada at Fat Fish Blue and waiting for my veggie fettuccine.

9. Leaving Fat Fish Blue.

10. At home and drinking a Skinny Girl margarita (in a wine glass with too much salt).

11. My hubby (already stripped out of casual wear) and in the garage (another work-in-progress).

12. Watering plants.

...And those were the highlights of my day!

What I'm really enjoying about Ella Publishing's Take Twelve is that I'm documenting the everyday life things that would normally be left out of my typical scrapbook albums. I know it will be neat to look back on my Take Twelve pages when I'm old, wrinkled and with my grandchildren. ~Danielle

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