Take Twelve: March 2012 + A Leprechaun Named Roger

Did that title just say something about a leprechaun named Roger? Yep! That is correctamundo!

March is really fun at my house since we have a little visitor that randomly stops by and leaves St. Patrick's Day themed gifts for the girls. You know, kind of like Santa and the Easter Bunny, but with a leprechaun named Roger.

Roger started visiting a few years ago (you can read more about that in this post on my old blog and in this one too) and this year, my oldest daughter began to believe that I was the leprechaun (how could she?!?). She wanted proof. She wrote a letter to the leprechaun with a list of questions for him to answer and placed it on the front porch.

As luck would have it, I heard a noise on the front porch the next morning while the girls were at school. I opened the door and there before me was a leprechaun! He introduced himself as Roger, answered all of my daughter's questions and even allowed me to take a photo of him. The only rule was that I had to delete the photo after I showed "the proof" to my girls. Obviously, I can't share my photo of Roger the leprechaun, but you might want to look at the second photo here.

My oldest daughter is a believer in leprechauns again and I'm happy that there is still a bit of magic in her life as she grows older.

So...since this is March, my day of Take Twelve photographs was all about St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy! ~Danielle

St. Patrick's Day Photo Collage

P.S. As promised, here's my finished layout from February's Take Twelve:

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