Take Twelve: May 2012

May's Take Twelve was unlike any other Take Twelve this year for two reasons: 1. It was my youngest daughter's 4th birthday & 2. We were on a mini-vacation at the KOA in Sandusky. Those two reasons were why I ended up with approximately 250 shots on May 12.

I usually struggle with taking a dozen shots in one day. This time, I struggled with choosing only twelve photos to share for Ella Publishing's Take Twelve Challenge. I did it though! And with Layout A Day going on this month, I already had a chance to complete my layout:

Take Twelve: May 2012

1. The girls bounced on a huge jumping pillow. My 4-year-old was hesitant at first and made me bounce with her. She had fun and I did too for about five minutes, then my brain couldn't take all that movement (due to old age). Luckily, she didn't need me as a bouncing partner anymore.

2. My 9-year-old was addicted to the gem mine and did it over and over and over again. She ended up with bags full of gems, arrow heads and fossils.

3. The girls played with the new birthday present, a Barbie pool, on the patio that was attached to our park model home during our three-day stay. It was a beautiful, sunny day and despite the rainy weather in the forecast, we didn't get a drop of rain.

4. My 4-year-old walked down the bridge of a big boat playset next to the jumping pillow.

5. Later in the day, Daddy and the birthday girl bounced together.

6. The birthday girl enjoyed bouncing and playing on her special day.

7. Big sister's favorite thing was most definitely the gem mine. Danielle, the girl working the gem mine and bouncing pillow, said she never had anyone want to do the gem mine as much as my 9-year-old.

8. My gem mining daughter wanted to show Daddy the gem mining process.

9. While the girls and I hung out at the KOA in the morning, my hubby went fishing and finally caught his first fish of the year, but brought home fresh fish from the market to fry up for dinner.

10. There were craft activities throughout the day and the girls painted rocks.

11. We walked down to the bay and my 9-year-old tried to catch a fish with her bare hands. Relaxing by the bay was probably my favorite part of the KOA. No one else was around, just the girls and I. It was quiet. We were by the water. It was beautiful (except for the dead fish) and I took dozens of photos (including the dead fish).

12. Our Saturday night ended with a little camp fire, smores and grilled cheese sandwiches.

As with each of my Take Twelve layouts, I'm using Simple Stories Year.o.graphy monthly elements, (imperfectly) outline the abbreviated month with a black pen and add in a few extra embellishments.

Besides the photo collages, all the supplies featured on my layouts come from my scrapbooking stash. I haven't purchased anything new for this Take Twelve project.

Have a look at April's completed Take Twelve layout:

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You can view my ongoing Take Twelve project on Flickr, along with all my recent scrapbook layouts for Layout a Day. ~Danielle

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