Scrapbooker Saturday: Mindy


Also Known As: Mindy Adams

Blog: The Determined Scrapper

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Scrapbooking Tip: "What can I reuse? Sometimes looking at things in a different light will help you make something no one else would have thought about. And always look to others for inspiration."

About: Thirty something SAHM, wife, crafter - After ten years in one office and many medical issues, I have been able to stay at home and craft. I have my ups and downs where I will loose my mojo, but I have been on the upswing for awhile now. I love to talk to others and see what they are crafting and learn how to make new things. I feel I am more of a self taught artist and if someone doesn't care for my art that is just fine, I like my work. Along the way, I have met some wonderful people and I am glad we have something in common.