Scrapbooker Saturday: Zaira


Also Known As: Zaira Ivette Sierra

Blog: HacerScrapbooks.com (The blog is in Spanish, but has a translation tool!)

Scrapbooking Tip: "To me, scrapbooking is not about getting the latest tool or mastering the hottest techniques. Scrapbooking is about seizing the opportunity of publishing a book about the things that matter the most to you, either for your own pleasure or as a heirloom for the next generations. Tell your story in photos and words, not in trends and supplies hoarding. Give yourself the chance to actually create such a beautiful gift for yourself and others: the gift of not being forgotten."

About: Zaira had always been interested in documenting events and moments of life, but she formally went into modern scrapbooking in 2000, while trying to finish her degree in visual communication (she actually did). She taught scrapbooking classes for seven years back in her native Puerto Rico and wrote her first scrapbooking article in 2002. In 2006, Zaira started her first scrapbooking blog, Scrapbook Latino, that evolved to become the current Hacer Scrapbooks. ("Hacer" is Spanish for "to make".) In 2010, she wrote her very first scrapbooking e-booklet for the Spanish speaking market. Zaira now lives in Florida, USA.

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