Scrapbooker Saturday: Stephanie


Also Known As: Stephanie Medley-Rath

Blog: Scrapworthy Lives

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Scrapbooking Tip: "Use your stash. I began a minimalist scrapbooking challenge last April. I have challenged myself to use my stash and limit my scrapbooking purchases. I already own quite a bit of scrapbooking supplies, so shopping my stash has been fairly easy. The hard part is not shopping for scrapbook supplies. 

Even though it is a challenge, I feel I am a much better scrapbook shopper today. I know what I have on hand so I know better what to buy to round out my stash. I am scrapbooking more because I don't have to spend time putting new purchases away. It is also a lot of fun to pull out several-year old pieces of pattern paper and finally use them. Minimalist scrapbooking has the added bonus of saving both money and the environment. It definitely fits in with eco-scrapbooking."

About: Stephanie Medley-Rath is a scrapbooker and sociologist. She studied scrapbookers for her dissertation research and blogs about her study at Scrapworthy Lives. She is writing her first e-book about market research for the scrapbook industry and hopes to make it available in September. She also teaches sociology at her local community college and blogs about sociology at a still unnamed site.

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