Take Twelve: November

With Monday still fresh in my mind, here's the story of my November Take Twelve...

The first goal of the day was to write and schedule my blog post for ^IfMine, but when I arrived home from dropping off my oldest daughter at school, the hubby announced the dining room floor was to be replaced...that day. 

Now, I don't like surprises and of course I said "No way!" After all, that meant I HAD to drop what I was doing and move everything out of dining room (including handfuls of my scrapbooks and stacks of books). I had no where to put anything. I hadn't even put away the Halloween decorations! I told him to work on the kitchen floor instead.

By the time our handyman arrived, my blog post was done and I had to move a few things out of the way, which was no big deal compared to a dining room re-haul. I knew I had to focus part of my Take Twelve on the floor and took photos of the kitchen floor (before and after), along with the black faux marble floor from the back room and a pile of "stuff" I had to move.

Since I couldn't use my kitchen for lunch, I took my youngest daughter to Burger King, which was a special treat for her since we rarely eat inside fast food restaurants. I think my favorite photo of the day was of her wearing the crown.

After lunch, we stopped by the library and she picked out movies to watch and books to read. Then we hurried to her school and got there just in time. Did I mention the day was dark and rainy? I captured that too.

Being that I couldn't do much at home and missed the past few workshops with crafty friends, I swung by Mindy's house, picked up my kits and admired her fingerprint reindeer Christmas cards (that I'll be making too).

I didn't stay long and had to head back to the schools to pick up both daughters. Crazy cleaning and laundry commenced before I realized I had two more photos to take to complete my twelve. "Can I take your pic?" I asked my oldest. "I have to take yours too," I told my youngest. And my Take Twelve for November is complete. Any questions? ~Danielle

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