My St. Patrick's Day Craft Experiment

St. Patrick's Day is next week and I have yet to put out any decorations! I'm so behind on this green holiday. We haven't even seen signs of our little leprechaun visitor!

I thought I'd do a St. Patrick's Day craft experiment and see if I could stir up some luck (and motivation)!

I pulled out a toilet paper roll (see this pin), shaped one end into a heart, stapled the other end to hold the shape in place, and grabbed some green paint:

I used a Studio G St. Patrick's Day stamp on these 6x6 pieces of kraft cardstock. 

As the glitter paint started to dry and lighten, I wanted to see how other colors of paint would look over the clovers. Let's check out the results:

Not bad, but I should have done the darker colors first and then the light, glittery green...or went to the store to buy a clover shade of green acrylic paint.

Since I had leftover paint, I continued experimenting:

I think I may cut out some of these designs and use them for scrapbooking or crafting.

Here's the final look of the original clover after it dried:

This page will most likely end up in my 365 Grateful album. For more St. Patrick's Day crafts, see the links below. I'm off to the attic for decorations! ~Danielle

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