LOAD Blog Hop: Prepping for 28 Continuous Days of Scrapbooking

Hello! Today's special post is all about February's Layout a Day: LOAD213! If you're just starting out, begin at Heather's blog.

If you've followed along the blog hop, you just arrived from Kristie's blog and I bet you're filled with dozens of tips to get you through a month of continuous scrapbooking. 

Being a LOAD-alum, I've over-prepped, under-prepped and everything in between. Here are my plans for February:

Things To Do: Finish Take 12, Scrapbook Instagram Prints, Shutterfly Photo Book & Digiscrap, 2013 Scrapbooking

  • Finish scrapbooking 2012's Take Twelve: I stayed up-to-date on photographing 12 photos on the 12th day of each of the 12 months in 2012 (say that fast 12 times), but I stopped scrapbooking them in June. I can't put this off any longer.
  • Digiscrap when I'm short on time: I've use Picasa and My Memories Suite (click to see layouts I created using the software) when I want to create digital scrapbook layouts. I still prefer paper scrapbooking, but I like to the ability to edit photos and layouts freely and spend less time scrapbooking when I need to.
  • Finish up my 2012 Shutterfly book: These pages probably won't be shared on Flickr (unless I do screenshots) but I have a Groupon and it expires soon! Time will be extremely limited during February and this is a priority.
  • Start scrappin' 2013? I haven't printed anything from this year yet, so this will fall under the digiscrap category if I do any scrapbooking of recent photos. 
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