Day 11 of 12 Days of Eco-Christmas: Upcycle frame for holiday photo cards

It's the eleventh day of 12 Days of Eco-Christmas and Christmas is right around the corner! I bet you've received plenty of holiday photo cards this year...and have a stack from the past several Christmases! If you haven't scrapbooked them yet and looking for an alternative solution, turn those holiday photo cards into wall art like I did here:

Framed Holiday Photo Card Collage

The frame was originally a bathroom cabinet door, but I removed it (since it annoyed me) and waited for the perfect project to use it in. I thought about scrapbooking all those Christmas photos, but opted to frame them instead.

After cropping the photos and attaching them to a large piece of cardboard that I cut to fit the frame, I made a copy of the collage to make wrapping paper (for a fake gift as a decoration that eventually was torn up by my toddler last year).

Then, I inserted the collage into the frame, added wire to the back and it's been hanging on my bedroom wall ever since.

One more Eco-Christmas project left! Stay tuned....