10 things I learned from blogging every day

From September 7 to October 6, I blogged every single day for thirty straight days. Below are ten things I learned from my blogging experiment. (This is my first time participating in Shimelle Laine's 10 Things on the 10th and I'm a day late.)

Blogging Fun!
Source: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com on Flickr

1. Scheduling posts is the bomb-diggity (I actually use that phrase at least once a month) and the only reason why I was able to post every single day for thirty days.

2. My old blog (which I haven't posted on since the end of August) is getting twice as much traffic as this blog, so I must have great SEO on several posts (people love my pregnant belly and baby scrapbook layouts) over at Snap.Scrap.Blog.Tweet.

3. Subscribers and traffic have more than doubled over the past thirty days. So, hello there, new readers (and those of you that joined in from my old blog)...yep, I'm talking to you, welcome to my online home. 

4. My top posts: for comments was We have the power to change how the world scrapbooks while Scrapbooker Saturday: Zaira brought in the most traffic. Your fans love you, Zaira! (I didn't count the blog hop for these two categories.) 

5. I love to blog. It gives me a chance to share my thoughts and projects with the world. Blogging makes me feel like I have a voice in the scrapbooking community and allows me to connect with other crafty people. Although I already knew these things, a blogging challenge like this one helped refresh my memory.

6. I don't like to blog every day. At the beginning of the thirty days, I was feeling balanced by exercising daily, juggling mommy and household duties, blogging and writing every day, but I was soon worn out. Something had to give...and it did! I was finding it hard to keep up with everything and feeling like I slacked in several areas of my life. Now, I need to find a new balance (not the shoe kind) and try to stick with it, plus I want to write a children's book (a long-time passion of mine that I keep putting off).

7. Blogging every day made me come up with creative post ideas and series. I had thought about starting a new blog focused on living a better life, but was able to integrate that idea into my Words of Wisdom posts. I also started Scrapbooker Saturday, which I had been wanting to do for a long time and said "What the heck! Do it now." If you want to be featured here, read this post for more information.

8. After my 30th post in a row, the Life's Celebrations MemoryWorks Blog Hop, I was proud of my accomplishment and looked forward to a day of no blogging the day after...so what did I do? Start a new blog. Well, sort of. It's actually a one-stop source of what I do and where I moved my ScrappinMemories4U.com domain so I didn't have to redo my business cards for an upcoming crop. (That's the actual name of my business and I say it like I'm a gangsta because I'm a dork. There is a story behind the name and let's just say that I like EcoScrapbook.com much better.) I have no plans to blog there though.

9. Speaking of the blog hop, I remembered how much I love to play with paper. I've been so busy blogging and trying to learn digital scrapbooking that I ignored my love of making things with my hands.

10. Finally, I learned that I have many supportive friends and readers (YOU!) that want to be a part of my life as much as I want to be a part of your lives! Thanks for sticking with me as I experimented with 30 days of blogging.