I ate beef (for the first time in over a year)

Today is the final installment of my twisted Week in the Life project. I've already taken you through six days of my life (including the thoughts that go through my brain) and showed you things like how I decided to purchase a new phone and what not to wear to Mi Hacienda.

On the last day of a Week in the Life, I ate something I shouldn't have.

Day 7: I Ate Beef (for the first time in over a year)

It was good, but I'm not doing it again.
The back story goes like this...

Thinking I was allergic to strawberries, I went to see an allergist to find out why I had an itchy skin rash that spread from my face to my back and chest. I ended up taking two different allergy tests and found out that I am highly allergic to almost every single weed and tree and mildly allergic to beef and crab (I'm also allergic to dust, dust mites, dogs, cats, nickel and probably to the dye/preservatives that are added to strawberries).

I had been wanting to stop eating beef and this was the perfect excuse to do so.

June 2010 was the last time I ate beef. 

Our family meal plan changed drastically with occasional complaints from my meat-lovin' husband. Every once in a while I would prepare some cow for the family, but I refused to eat the stuff.

Slowly, I began to crave a hamburger. Veggie burgers and chicken sandwiches couldn't fulfill that craving and watching shows like Man vs. Food didn't help either. Finally, I caved in, but with one condition: no fast food burgers (have you seen Fast Food Nation or The Meatrix movies? Seriously, go check them out! And if I would have watched those videos before I decided to cave in, I wouldn't have even considered eating beef again).

I bought the beef patties and the hubby happily fired up the grill. Once cooked, I smothered it with all my favorite toppings and devoured it. It tasted like that burger I'd been missing for so long and I was satisfied (but a little nervous that I might end up in the hospital which is why I chose to eat beef when the girls were still visiting the grandparents).

Obviously, I survived.

Update: I'm back to being beef-free after a few beef-infused (homecooked) meals resulting in major intestinal issues (felt like someone ripped out my intestines, beat and scratched them and stuffed them back inside of me. Luckily, there was no fever or other nasty issues, just belly pain that lasted about five days.)

Lesson: Don't eat beef if you are allergic to it no matter how much you crave it.

Glad I'm not allergic to chocolate.

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