Searching for Mortal Kombat during a Week in the Life

Yesterday, I showed you how I decided to buy an HTC Evo 4G and told you all about my twisted Week in the Life project.

Today is the day of Mortal Kombat.

No, I'm not going to challenge you to a fight.

My challenge is this: Find the hidden Mortal Kombat game.

Day 2: Where in the World is Mortal Kombat?

After the entire family spent the day searching for our Mortal Kombat game, it's still missing (even one month later).

Did you find it? Neither could the four people that live in this house! (By the way, we actually have more rooms in our house, the German Shepherd IS bigger than our fish and the basement shower isn't always running.)

This house was the very first sketch I created for my Week in the Life project. I originally planned on making my project more like a scrapbook, but upon finishing the house, I laughed at myself and figured What the heck? Who's stopping me from using this? 

UPDATE: It's almost one month later and we STILL can't find that dang game.

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