How to Make Your Thanksgiving Eco-Friendly

When I think of Thanksgiving, family comes to mind and I'm thankful to have such a wonderful support system in my life. I also think of turkey and all the food that comes with it when we gather together for a feast. I think of fall colors (not the snow and frigid weather outside my window right now) and realize Christmas is right around the corner.

As an eco-friendly crafter, I created three projects with Thanksgiving in mind. I have Halloween decorations, but not many Thanksgiving items to put out in the fall. The projects below will last the entire season.

Twine Bottle

I've been collecting empty bottles since there are so many ways to upcycle them. This particular bottle is from the Mexican soda Jarritos. It has a cool texture and I didn't want to cover the entire bottle with twine. Find out how you can make it on the Glue Dots Blog.

Fall Votive Candle

Who doesn't love burlap and chevron right now? When shopping for projects, you'll want to look for natural fiber items like jute twine and burlap. And I've always promoted eco-friendly and recycled cardstock like the kraft paper shown above. The supply list and directions can be found here.

Thankful Spool Centerpiece

This is a perfect addition to the projects above and includes the same type of embellishments in the supply list. Visit the Glue Dots Blog to find out how I made it.

Now that we've greened-up our Thanksgiving decorations, how else can we make a day of thanks also a day to be eco-conscious?

Green Thanksgiving Tips
  1. Support local farmers' markets and stores when shopping for your meal. If the budget allows, choose organic foods.
  2. Use recipes that allow you to make your food from scratch. I recently made a green bean casserole I found on Pinterest. Instead of canned soup, I made a homemade cream sauce and the result was delicious.
  3. Eat dinner by candlelight (see projects above).
  4. Ditch the paper plates and disposable napkins and cups. This is the perfect time to bring out those cloth napkins you rarely use. You can also invest in a nice place setting to use for years to come or find an assortment of pieces at a secondhand store.
  5. Avoid the aerosol sprays and scent your home by simmering a pot of cinnamon sticks.
  6. Recycle packaging, cans or bottles used to make your meal.
  7. Compost scraps of vegetables and other leftovers.
  8. Plant a thankful tree with your family.
Have another green Thanksgiving idea? Share it in the comments! ~Danielle