Catching Up After the Big Move

Where have I been? Life has been pretty hectic for me the past several months and I haven't been crafting or scrapbooking as much as I like. 

For the first time ever, I didn't complete a Layout a Day Challenge. 14 pages. That's it. I was off to a good start the first few days and then went straight digi by creating layouts on my phone using PicsArt in the brief moments I could spare.

My main excuse is my family moved in late September.

It almost didn't seem like it was going to happen, but we finally moved! We're in a nicer neighborhood and in a bigger house. We were lucky. To prove it, I found these two four-leaf clovers in our front yard as I was moving in boxes:

Unfortunately, during the weekend of our big move, our beloved Bane was not so lucky. Three weeks prior to our move, we were happy to bring home a rescue dog. Things were going well until we took them both to a boarding facility so they would be safe and out of the way while we moved. Short story, both 80 pound dogs were put in a small kennel area overnight (and unsupervised) and our new dog attacked Bane.

That was Bane when we brought him home after his first surgery. We then decided it would be best to give our new dog back to the shelter we got her from. It was heartbreaking. 

After a second surgery and plenty of love, by his first birthday, Bane was pretty much healed and back to his happy-self.

He enjoys his new big backyard and runs around like a maniac! It's so wonderful to see him play with the girls like nothing ever happened.

In the mean time, and back to the good stuff... I did manage to get a little crafty by updating a knife block:

I'm going for a retro feel in the kitchen and added vintage milk glass from my husband's grandmother. Here are a few pieces:

My husband got creative by upcycling a door and wood from our kitchen remodel to build a bar in the basement.

Fancy! He even picked out his own fabric to cover the storage area underneath the bar.

We're pretty excited to have a fireplace, too! And I'm more than happy to have a mantel to decorate.

Then there's the first floor bathroom. Either you'll love it or hate it. I'm choosing to embrace the bathroom. I plan on updating it with paint (where I can) and add new curtains. The hubby already replaced the old toilet with one that's more efficient:

Yes, that's a lot of pink tile! Just like the sink and the former toilet, the bathtub is also blue. At least the upstairs bathroom looks like this:

There's plenty more work to do around the house, but for now, I'm happy

And I'm also proud to share my latest adventure, Greater Toledo's Mama Meow, a place for local kids to go to find out what's happening around the area. It's still in it's infancy, but I have big hopes for Mama Meow. Check it out! The official launch will be in January! ~Danielle