Turn a photo collage into a Halloween centerpiece

Have you decorated your pumpkins yet? It's October and there are 29 days until Halloween! My family usually waits until the end of the month to carve our pumpkins and last year we not only did that, but I also incorporated photos, twine and nails into the mix.

Pumpkin Photo Centerpiece

I spotted a similar pumpkin in Camille Dawn's post, Pumpkin Photo Centerpiece Holds Your Autumn Memories, which was featured on the AlphaMom blog. It's not often that I get inspired to change up my pumpkin carving routine, but when I checked out the post, I knew I wanted to hammer some nails into a pumpkin and decorate it with twine and photographs. Seriously, this was truly cool and unique and I had to do it.

Since I didn't want to use original photos on the pumpkin, I created a photo collage in Picasa and printed it off onto recycled cardstock. Here's the collage before I trimmed the photos:

Photo collage created using Picasa.

How do you decorate your pumpkins?