Making Handmade Paper

I did it!

Making Handmade Paper

Scratch that. We finally did it! Over the weekend, my mom and I made handmade paper together. We purchased our paper making kits last year from Paper Alice at the Great Lakes Mini Meet. A year later, our kits were still in their boxes and I told my mom I was staying at her house during Thanksgiving weekend so we can make paper. And that's what we did.

The process was simple after we watched this paper making tutorial and soon learned not to experiment until we got the hang of it. (Don't use food dye since it will rinse out or make your paper too thick - will take forever to dry!) We mixed together junk mail, scrapbook paper scraps, tissue paper, napkins, etc. to create our own one-of-a-kind paper.

Now, I can cross this task off my 2012 to do list and look forward to binding the papers together to create and decorate an ecoscrapbook. ~Danielle

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