Tutorial: Winter-Themed Message Board

Grab a few coasters, Glue Dots® and a Bind-it-All... Let's get crafty and organized this winter!


Glue Dots® (Glue Lines, Micro, Pop Up)
3 coasters
craft wood (Hobby Lobby)
chalkboard paint
cardstock (Basic Grey)white corrugated cardboard (Jillibean Soup)
stickers (Hobby Lobby, Basic Grey)
black floss (Sew Easy)corner rounder
sticky notepad
small pen

1. Apply two coats of chalkboard paint to a piece of craft wood. Let dry in between coats. Set aside.

2. Measure coasters, cut cardstock to size and round the corners using a corner rounder.

3. Attach cardstock to coasters by applying Glue Dots Glue Lines®. (Note: Make sure to apply the Glue Lines® where they won't get caught in the binding machine.)

4. Using the Bind-it-All, punch holes at the top and bottom of each coaster. Bind coasters together with o-wires. Do not fully close the bottom o-wire.

5. Decorate the top coaster with a square piece of corrugated cardboard, add stickers and tie a bow with floss. Use Glue Dots® to secure everything in place.

6. Attach the chalkboard to the center coaster using Glue Dots Glue Lines® and add a snowflake sticker.

7. Use Glue Dots Glue Lines® to attach the sticky notepad to the bottom coaster. Cut a snowflake sticker in half and adhere next to the notepad.

8. Tie floss around a piece of chalk and a pen to hang from the bottom o-wire.

9. Tie ribbon to the top o-wire and tie a bow to hang on the wall.

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Disclosure: This blog post was written while participating on the Glue Dots design team.