Earth Day Project: Camo Rain Boot Flower Pots

Earth Day Week 2015 ends today with my final project. It's one we've all seen on the internet: flower pots made from rain boots.

These belonged to my youngest daughter. When she was about four years old, we went to an Army surplus store for a pair of work boots for my husband and when she spotted the camo rain boots, she HAD to have them! Now, you must understand, she's a girly girl and to our surprise, she wasn't about to leave that store without them. Since she needed rain boots anyway...well, I think you know the rest of the story. 

Anywho, I've been wanting to do this project for a long time and now that it's spring, why not do it today? Although I had to pull out my winter coat this morning (I was outside enjoying the 70+ degree weather last weekend), I'm beyond happy for a new season and looking forward to a fabulous summer! Planting flowers brings me one step closer to that.

Here's how I made flower pots from camo rain boots:


rain boots
2 geraniums
organic potting soil

Directions: Drill 5-7 small holes into the bottom of the rain boots for drainage. Add soil and geraniums. (Yes, that's my daughter's shovel. Since we moved last fall, I have no idea where my shovel is.) 

Who doesn't love a quick and simple project that also includes some upcycling?

Hope you enjoyed EcoScrapbook's Earth Day Week and remember to make Earth Day every day! ~Danielle

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