Tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll Chandelier

I don't know what it is about toilet paper rolls, but I keep on crafting with them! It's been a while since I shared a toilet paper roll craft since I've been saving them for something big... and shiny!

I made a toilet paper roll chandelier for my most recent Glue Dots project. It's simple, glitzy and can be blinged out even more (if I had the extra time there would have been beads, sequins, feathers... or more!). Here's how I made it:


41 toilet paper rolls
Craft Glue Dots®
grey acrylic paint
silver glitter paint
paint brushes
hole punch
silver jewelry wire
quilt hoops (3", 6", 9")
wire cutter

1. Remove outside circle of each quilt hoop and set aside. 
Paint one coat of grey acrylic paint onto the inner circles and toilet paper rolls. Let dry.

2. Apply silver glitter paint to the outside of each toilet paper roll and allow to dry.

3. Punch a hole into each toilet paper roll a 1/2" from the edge.

4. Apply a Craft Glue Dot® above each punched hole and adhere the toilet paper rolls to the quilt hoops.

5. Wrap wire through each toilet paper roll to secure to quilt hoops.
Use wire to hang the largest hoop and attach the smaller hoops with additional wire.

A closer look at the finished project:

I imagine taking this project a step further by adding beads to the wires and using a variety of Glue Dots® to apply shiny gems to the toilet paper rolls. Wedding decoration, maybe? For now, it happily hangs in my daughter's bedroom. ~Danielle

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Disclosure: This blog post was written while participating on the Glue Dots design team.