7 ways to introduce children to scrapbooking

My eight-year-old daughter has been scrapbooking for most of her life. As a toddler, she sat with me and adhered stickers to paper and learned how to use decorative scissors. By the time she was in preschool, she had her very own scrapbook filled with photos, pretty paper and plenty of stickers. These days, she's busy taking photographs of her friends and family, as well as writing stories about her life. 

I enjoy being able to share my love of scrapbooking with my daughter and happy that my youngest, age three, has taken an interest in the hobby as well.

My youngest daughter painting the background of a scrapbook page.

Here are seven simple ways to scrapbook with your child:

1. Let your child look at scrapbooks and teach him/her how to properly handle the albums.

2. Pass unwanted supplies onto your child. (Kids love stickers!)

3. Share your scrapbooking books and magazines for ideas and inspiration.

4. Go shopping for your child's very own scrapbook and supplies.

5. Choose photographs to scrapbook together or allow your child to be the photographer to capture his/her own memories.

6. Create a routine of writing down memories of family, friends and special events.

7. Set aside time on a regular basis for the both of you to scrapbook together or invite friends over for a mini-crop.

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This post was edited and originally published at my former blog, Snap.Scrap.Blog.Tweet, on February 3, 2011.


  1. These ideas are super, Danielle! 'Love the adorable pic. Yes, I, too, scrapbook with my daughter. Isn't it great?1?!

  2. Yes! I'm actually looking forward to scrapbooking with my mom in November. We both got into modern scrapbooking at the same time, so this is a hobby that can be shared with many generations and across families, as my mother-in-law and her mom scrapbooks too!!

  3. I virtually scrap with my sister sometimes - does that count? ;-)


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