Gifts for $20 in 20 Minutes Blog Hop: Trinket Box Video Tutorial

Glue Dots recently challenged our design team to create handmade gifts for $20 or less that can also be made in about 20 minutes. We took the challenge and are blog-hopping to share the projects with you!

I chose to repurpose a chocolate box my husband gave me for Sweetest Day. With all the chocolate gone, I knew the empty box would be perfect for trinkets and other memorabilia.

Quick Handmade Gift: Trinket Box

I decorated the box using items from my own stash, which technically makes this a free handmade gift. For the purpose of this blog hop, I included the price of each item within my first-ever step-by-step video tutorial. Have a watch:

How did I do for my first video tutorial? I'm thinking this may be a new trend for me and like the results. There's room for improvement, but I'm feeling good about trying something new.

Now, let's get hopping! Check out the rest of the Glue Dots Team:
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