Layout a Day Blog Hop

Welcome to the Layout a Day Blog Hop! Just joining in? Start at Lynnette's blog and follow along. If you're wondering what in the world Layout a Day (LOAD) is, read this.

Scrapbook Layouts Created During Layout a Day

Whether you're new to LOAD or continuing your journey as a LOAD alumni, this blog hop is sure to be exciting and loaded with plenty of ScrapHappy experience.

I must admit, I'm not completely prepared for October's ScrapHappy LOAD, but after six rounds of scrapbooking every single day, I've learned to go with the flow and expect the unexpected. I've realized that it's a time to have fun and get my scrap on!

LOAD is when I get most of scrapbooking done. I look forward to having two or three months a year to focus on my favorite hobby and each time I do it, I'm reminded how much I love to scrap (and wonder why I don't do it more often).

Here are a few tips that have gotten me through many LOADs:

  • Create a routine. I've found that I like to scrapbook in the morning and once I complete my layout, I photograph it (5-10 photos) and download the photos to my computer. I'll chose the best photo, crop it and hit save. Then, I upload it to Flickr, add it to the LOAD group and try to comment on as many layouts as I can that day.
  • Link Flickr to Twitter, Facebook and your blog for easy sharing of your scrapbook layouts.
  • Expect the unexpected (see above). No matter how much you prepare, you will end up scrapbooking photos that you never planned on and journal about memories you had forgotten about. You will learn more about yourself, your scrapbooking style AND you will be inspired! 
  • And don't forget to stock up on adhesive if you're a traditional scrapbooker.

Now, I'm off to order prints (I have a code for 101 free prints from Shutterfly that expires in a few days). I think I'll be tackling my Week in the Life photos from April. Can't wait to get started!

Here's the list of participating ScrapHappy LOADsters:

Blog hop starts here--> Lynnette
Where you came from--> Heather D.
Where you're at now--> Danielle H.

If you're not joining us during October's LOAD, you can still follow my journey on Flickr. (Update: I changed my Flickr name from 0hi0dh to EcoScrapbook.) ~Danielle