DIY Easter Gift Set

Gift sets! They're fun to make and wonderful to give! A great way to extend your supplies and leave less waste behind is to combine supplies together and make a few projects at once, like my Easter gift set below:

Easter Gift Set Tutorial: Photo Frame, Gift Bag & Card
The first project is the actual gift, an Easter-themed photo frame. Next up, a decorated a gift bag to match and I finished off the set by creating a card. Below, you'll find the tutorials for each of my Easter projects. Enjoy! ~Danielle
Project #1: Photo Frame

"Spring" Easter-Themed Photo Frame


Glue Dots© (Ultra-Thin, Mini, Craft)
4x6 wood photo frame
kraft cardstock
blue, white cardstock
decorative paper
foam letter stickers (American Crafts)
flower (Prima)
white acrylic paint
paint brush
edge distresser

1. Remove photo window from frame. Trace wood frame onto kraft cardstock and set aside.

2. Apply one coat of gesso to frame and let dry before applying one coat of acrylic paint.

3. Cut out the kraft cardstock. Attach a border to the bottom with strips of decorative paper, a strip of blue cardstock, Ultra-Thin and Mini Glue Dots©.

4. Create two small banner strips and use Mini Glue Dots© to attach them to the top of the kraft cardstock.

5. Adhere the decorated cardstock to the dry frame with Craft Glue Dots©.

6. Apply the letter stickers above the border.

7. Attach the flower to the frame with Craft Glue Dot©.

Cut a piece of white cardstock to fit the photo window.

9. Distress the edges of the photo, attach to the white cardstock with Ultra-Thin Glue Dots© and insert into frame with the photo window.

Project #2: Gift Bag

"For You" Gift Bag


Glue Dots© (Craft, Mini)
gift bag
decorative paper
blue cardstock
foam letter stickers (American Crafts)
flower (Prima)

1. Apply the letter stickers to the gift bag.

2. Create three thin banner strips (small, medium, large) using the decorative paper. Adhere the longest strip underneath the letter stickers and the short strips above the letter stickers using Craft Glue Dots©.

3. Create a wide banner strip out of decorative paper and a thin banner strip out of blue cardstock. Attach the thin strip to the center of the wide strip using Mini Glue Dots©. Use Craft Glue Dots© to attach the wide banner to the top of the gift bag.

4. Adhere the flower to the top of the wide banner with a Craft Glue Dot©.

Project #3: Card

Easter Card


Craft Glue Dots©
kraft cardstock
decorative paper
flower (American Crafts)
white floss (Sew Easy)

1. Cut and fold kraft cardstock to make a 3.5 x 3.5 inch card.

2. Cut a piece of decorative paper slightly smaller than the front of the card, add a strip of decorative paper to the bottom with Craft Glue Dots©.

3. Wrap the white floss around the decorative paper three times, adhere in place with a Craft Glue Dot© and attach the flower.

4. Adhere the decorative paper to the front of the card with Craft Glue Dots©.

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Disclosure: These projects were created while participating on the Glue Dots design team.