Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Try something new

When I started blogging at EcoScrapbook back in April 2011, I had some anxiety on whether or not people would listen to me. 

Is the scrapbooking community ready for change?

Does anyone care about being eco-conscious with their craft?

Will people take me seriously or call me a hypocrite for blogging about eco-friendly scrapbooking when I am not a super-crazy-eco-scrapbooker yet?

But I had passion, an obsession of sorts, that I wanted to pursue. I'm not even sure what first sparked the interest in eco-friendly scrapbooking and I could barely find information on the subject. Search results were limited, but I dug deep and began piecing things together.

Thus, we now have EcoScrapbook, all because I tried something new.

What are you working on that's new?

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