Take Twelve: July 2012

Are you enjoying summer? I sure am! I recently drove out to Chicago for a pre-CHA course and I am now a Zutter Certified Instructor! All the details about that, along with photos and projects will be in an upcoming post. Today's post is about Ella Publishing's Take Twelve Challenge.

Last Thursday, I took twelve photos that celebrate summer and I tried something new. Instead of making one big collage of photos, I created three square collages and will print them as 4x6 photos for my scrapbook layout.

The first collage has three photos and represents the summer evenings spent outside watching my girls ride their bikes. I wanted to include a shadow photo and used myself as the subject (and ended up looking like I have short arms with a tiny head).

This next four-photo collage includes other summer sights like our solar party lights, the nature craft my oldest daughter made, a sprinkler and the evening sun. We usually stay inside during the day to avoid excess sun exposure and venture outside when there's more shade.

My final collage has five photos and symbolizes the nature aspect of summer: weeds (which I'm highly allergic to), a child's garden (catnip), the purple flowers from our hostas, a sunflower (which unexpectedly sprouted from last year's leftover seeds) and our green giant tree in the front yard.

Now, since it is summer and I've been busy with crafty classes, crazy kids and mini-vacations, I haven't had a chance to scrapbook and the reason why I don't have June's Take Twelve layout ready to share.

This blog is about eco-friendly scrapbooking and I feel that I'm not representing that as well as I would like to. I have a couple things in the works right now and once school starts, I plan to get back to the roots of my blog and bombard you with all things ecoscrapbooking. Until then, keep on enjoying your summer! ~Danielle

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