Easter Kid's Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

I've been on a roll lately (no pun intended), making crafts from toilet paper rolls. There's a box full of them in my craft room! I'd like to see how many things I can make before the end of the year and I'll be seeking your assistance. There's a big announcement coming tomorrow and some goodies involved...stay tuned!

Now, for my latest toilet paper roll creation... The kids will be fighting over these adorable bunnies (mine did!):

If you've been a long-time follower, you may remember my googly-eyed Easter eggs over on Snap.Scrap.Blog.Tweet. They're just as cute as the bunnies. See the complete tutorial here.

Okay, let's get rollin'...


Glue Dots© (Craft, Mini, XL)
toilet paper rolls
1/2" toilet paper roll strips (2 for each bunny)
acrylic paint
paint brushes
googly eyes
black marker/pen (Marvy Uchida Le Plume)
white pen (Sakura Gelly Roll)
cotton balls

1. Paint toilet paper rolls and strips. Apply 2-3 coats. Let dry.

2. Secure the ears together with Craft Glue Dots©. Attach ears to the toilet paper rolls using Mini Glue Dots©.

3. Adhere googly eyes to each bunny using Craft Glue Dots©. I used a pencil mark in the center as a guide.

4. Use a black marker to draw the faces and a white pen to color in the teeth.

5. Attach cotton balls to the back side of each bunny using XL Glue Dots©.

And these toilet paper roll bunnies are done!

It's almost time for Easter, so round up the kiddos and get craftin' on your very own toilet paper roll bunnies! (I know, I'm being a bit dorky. My excuse: it's late at night as I'm writing this.)  ~Danielle

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Disclosure: This blog post was written while participating on the Glue Dots design team.