Back-to-School Shopping 1985 vs. 2011

Today is Day 3 of my twisted Week in the Life project. If this is your first time here, you'll want to read more about this project, find out why my doodles look funny and learn about my cell phone brain. Also, if you feel like finding Mortal Kombat for me, try that here.

Day 3: Back-to-School Shopping 1985 vs. 2011

Back-to-School Shopping: Times have changed!
When I was a child, mid-summer was the time to go back-to-school shopping. My mom and I would hop into her car and drive down the road to a big box store. We'd shop for hours and then once we had a cart load, my mom would wheel it to the back of the store and put it all in layaway.

All my new stuff. Gone.

Week after week, we would drive back to that big box store and my mom would give the cashier twenty bucks. And week after week, I had to leave my new stuff behind. Then the day came when my mom would make the final payment. The cashier would walk to the storage area and come back with a few boxes.

The boxes came home with us and there were always a few forgotten surprises inside.

Times have changed!

The moms of today have it much easier. We can search for the best deals online, pick out what's needed, add to a virtual shopping cart and pay with plastic. Five to seven days later, a big delivery truck pulls up carrying boxes filled with back-to-school supplies (hopefully delivered by a smokin' hot man). Easy-peasy!

Another thing moms love (especially yours truly) is to have four days of freedom...that's tomorrow.