I'm a Zutter Certified Instructor!

As I mentioned last week, I recently traveled to Chicago for a one-day course on the Zutter brand. The end result? A class of Zutter Certified Instructors and I'm one of them! That means I met some really cool and crafty people AND I'm starting to teach classes both on and offline.

Top: Kimberly S., Kimberly C., Joe M., Cheryl, Jennifer, Candice, Danielle (me), Kendra, Betsy. Bottom: ?, Steph, Joe R., Betty, Carole.

Jennifer Priest, also known as Hydrangea Hippo, was our instructor and we focused our learning on the Bind-it-All:

I'm happy to have this pink book-binding tool in my arsenal and actually know how to use it. The Bind-it-All isn't just for books either. You can also make organizers, wall hangings and much more. There are plenty of ideas at the Bind-it-All blog and Zutter Zisters so be sure to check them out.

And if you know my scrapbooking style, you also know that I love to distress the edges of paper and photos. Say hello to my new favorite time-saver:

The Distrezz-it-All is powerful, loud and fun to use. I distressed an entire mini book in less than a minute! Oh, yeah, baby! I've been using this on everything (except fabric since that's a no-no).

And finally, meet the Round-it-All:

You may already have a corner rounder like the old Creative Memories favorite. This doesn't do just one page or one photo at a time. The Round-it-All can round the corners of a small stack of photos or paper and it's perfect for cardboard.

Now it's time to see what I made in class...

It took some muscles to punch through this textured canvas art board by Zutter, but the look is worth it.

Zutter 8x8 Canvas Art Board

Then we played with a cover-all and bound together cardboard, paper bags, tags, gift cards and paper (with rounded corners courtesy of the Round-it-All). The cover-all adds a nice touch and can turn an ordinary project into something more sophisticated.

Zutter Bamboo Spine Cover-All for 8x8 pages and page protectors.

My favorite cover used during the class was a simple corrugated cardboard. I'm looking forward to tearing off the top layer and decorating the cover.

Zutter 7x7 Corrugated Board

Back at home, I had to reorganize my craft space in order to make room for my Zutter products. One thing that had been shuffled from one place to another over the years was a 2001 desk calendar. I had a light bulb moment and made a calendar journal with a cover.

Repurposed Handmade Paper Calendar Journal

And I finally made Girl Scout cookie box notebooks! I've been saving cookie boxes for over a year and cut them, along with notebook paper to fit, earlier in the summer. With the knowledge I learned at the Zutter course, I quickly punched, bound and distressed all these notebooks in one afternoon.

Girl Scout Cookie Box Notebooks

Then I had to get my "distrezz" on with a scrapbook layout:

"The Girls" 8.5x11 Scrapbook Layout

I used textured 8.5x11 cardstock, blue cardstock from my scrap bin, October Afternoon* cardstock and sticker, Jillibean Soup* letter stickers, black ink, letter stamps, ribbon with a Cosmo Cricket* Gluber and one decorative pin. (Companies with * offer eco-friendly products and are EcoScrapbook Approved.)

Well, that about does it for my most recent projects. I'm now on the hunt to find local businesses to offer my services to, as well as developing classes with my own personal touch and finishing up the projects above. Stay tuned! ~Danielle


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