The Future of EcoScrapbooking

It's been nearly a year since I posted to EcoScrapbook. 

Life has gotten busy and I became the blogger who couldn't create new weekly content. I never thought it would be me. But it is what it is.

Over the course of a year, I didn't craft much and struggled with the future of EcoScrapbook. It was my un-craftable year and a time of being un-eco-friendly (not by choice).

My year of un-crafting made me rethink my ecoscrapbooking habits. 

There are businesses that don't have much sense of recycling and I found myself involved with two of them. I felt like a hypocrite. At EcoScrapbook, I preached about being green, but out in the work force, I have zero control of what can be recycled and what has to be trashed. It's been a daily internal struggle.

Since I was barely scrapbooking (thank goodness for mobile scrapbooking...PicsArt!), I began to take less photos. It's not that I stopped taking photos altogether (I have plenty in my gallery).

I started to enjoy life's moments by watching them without a lens in front of me.

I didn't rush to pull out my camera every time life needed to be documented. For so long, I recorded videos at school events and then finally realized that nothing compares to seeing my children through my own eyes. There's a connection you can only get when a camera isn't stealing the spotlight.

As I changed, I thought more about the bigger picture. I'm interested in the idea of teaching younger generations to take action and be more eco-conscious. In order for me to do that, my focus can't be on deciding what content to post next on EcoScrapbook.

With Earth Day here, I felt the urge to create a new post. I didn't expect it to turn into a decision on the future of EcoScrapbook.

What is the future of EcoScrapbooking?

That depends on you and how eco-conscious you want to be. I laid the groundwork as I presented creative and easy ways to craft and scrapbook with the Earth in mind.

The EcoScrapbook Blog and ebooks are your source for green scrapbooking and crafting. Whenever you need inspiration, just stop by and peruse my archived material or download an ebook.

As for me, I will continue to change the way I scrapbook and never stop thinking about how to turn trash to treasure. 

The EcoScrapbook Facebook page and YouTube Channel will still be up and running. Please follow along if you haven't already and I hope we can continue our community on social media. ~Danielle