Earth Day Project: Plastic Bag Wreath

Welcome to Earth Day Week at EcoScrapbook! Each day this week, I'll be sharing my latest eco-friendly projects. First up, a wreath made from plastic grocery bags:


25 plastic grocery bags
9" embroidery hoop
burlap ribbon
paper flowers
painted wood letter
hot glue gun
jewelry wire
wire cutters

1. Cut off the front of each grocery bag and set aside to recycle later. 

2. Stack each blank side of grocery bags on top of each other and cut off the edges.

3. Cut 10 10" strips to make 250 plastic strips.

4. Fold each strip in half and secure to embroidery circle with a knot.

Repeat until circle is covered.

5. Attach burlap ribbon to wreath making a loop at top and stapling it closed.

6. Make a bow by folding burlap ribbon around itself three times as shown:

7. Twist wire around center, insert into loop and secure together with wire. Cut off excess wire. The wire will be used to hang wreath on door.

8. Spread out the burlap to finish the bow and trim edges.

9. Wrap burlap ribbon around bottom right of wreath and staple closed. 

10. Attach painted wood letter and paper flowers with hot glue gun.

And now I have a beautiful eco-friendly door wreath just in time for Earth Day! ~Danielle