Take Twelve: October

October has proven to be one extremely busy month and I've barely had time to enjoy the leaves change colors. So for my October Take Twelve, I made a point to capture a bit of fall...and my husband's ankle surgery:

1. Mama Cat is the outdoor cat who also is the mother of our youngest indoor cat.

2. & 3. Leaves changing colors on the trees in front of our house.

4. I gave my oldest daughter permission to decorate the bushes with faux spider webs.

5. Photo taken and the University of Toledo Medical Center where my husband had his ankle surgery.

6. The last of the seeds from our Mammoth Sunflower.

7. My youngest picks up pretty leaves on the way to school and this is her collection so far.

8. I've had this bear statue since I was a little girl and it now sits in an overgrown and weedy flower pot.

9. My husband's wrapped up foot. (See #5)

10. A bit of purple fall color from my front garden.

11. Seeds on the ground from the Mammoth Sunflower. (See #6)

12. Finally! The girls went to visit their grandparents for the weekend and I had time to open a bottle of wine and get my scrap on! (See finished layout here.) ~Danielle

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