12 Crafty Things To Do

What's on your crafty to do list? I bet you have at least a handful of projects that you'd like to start (or finish) by the end of the year. I certainly do! 

Today, I'm sharing 12 things on my crafty to do list. These are the photos I took on September 12 for Ella Publishing's Take Twelve Challenge.

1. Decoupaged Wall Chalkboard: The kitchen is STILL a work-in-progress! We started the process by tearing off wallpaper in January, completed the majority of work in April and then I decoupaged a portion of two walls over the summer. Next up, add the chalkboard I painted to cover up the blank spot on this wall:

2. Winter-Themed Wall Hanging: For my upcoming Bind-it-All class and Glue Dots Dottess project, I plan to make some sort of wall hanging using these coasters from Outback Steakhouse:

3. Road Trip Scrapbook: I went to Kings Island in early August, took lots of photos, printed them as 4x6 photo collages and added the cropped pics to the original book I made during my Zutter Certification Course. What's left to do? I need to add the journaling and would like to create a video tour of this scrapbook:

4. Scrapbook With Poo: Yep, you read that right. Elephant poo to be exact! I first found out about PooPooPaper a couple years back and after my last trip to the Toledo Zoo, I finally got my hands on some recycled poo and brought home a pack of odorless scratch paper. I can't wait to scrapbook with this:

5. Decorate Paper Storage Organizers: When I receive orders from MemoryWorks, they are shipped in large boxes and I've turned some into paper storage. They have helped me to stay organized, but I still need to decorate the boxes:

6. Wall-Hanging Stamp Organizer: When my crafty friend, Candy, asked me if I wanted a bunch of plastic packaging from dies and such, I said sure, but had no idea what I was going to do with all of them. Then I saw this large acrylic wall organizer for stamps by Jules and an idea was born. I'll do something similar, but on a much smaller scale and create a stamp organizer that can be displayed on my craft room wall and also portable at the same time.

7. Photo Album Cover: I signed up for monthly workshops at Mindy's house and during the last class I attended, we made photo albums. I learned how to dye ribbon using ink and quickly dried it with my first-ever heat gun experience. Since I had to leave early, I wasn't able to finish decorating the cover:

8. Use Washi Tape: I did it! I broke down and bought some washi tape and will be creating a variety of projects with the two rolls below. I also plan to make my own washi tape and will share the tutorial here when I do so.

9. Make "Green" Scrapbooks: I've been wanting to put together a completely "green" scrapbook for some time now, using only recycled and eco-friendly materials and will finally be tackling this during the ScrapHappy Layout a Day in October. I purchased two eco-binders by TerraCycle for $1 each at a local thrift store and they will become the covers for my ecoscrapbooks:

10. Bind-it-All Class Projects: The day I snapped my Take Twelve photos, I was prepping for my Bind-it-All class at Hobby Lobby. I've been struggling to find students, but happy to say that I have my first one! A one-on-one class was perfect for Nancy since she owns a Bind-it-All, but didn't know how to use it. She left the class with plenty of knowledge and confidence to use her book-binding tool.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Home Decor: 2012 has been the year for toilet paper roll art. I've featured several crafts using toilet paper rolls and have seen a plethora of finished projects on the web. Lately, I've been itching to create one eye-catching home decor item using these tubes that usually gets trashed or recycled. I have an idea and I can't wait to make it!

12. Make Handmade Paper: This has been on my crafty to do list for almost a year now. Last November, I purchased my very own handmade paper kit at the Great Lakes Mini Meet and have yet to use it. I've been saving scraps of paper and fibers in the bag I brought the kit home in, but all of it has been sitting on a shelf, waiting to be used:

Whew! As I tackle each project, I'll be sure to share photos of them right here. With less than four months left of this year, I'm hoping to complete all twelve projects, as well as a few others.

I'd love to hear which project you would like to see most. Please comment below and let me know ;) ~Danielle

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