Earth Day Project: DIY Fire Starter

Happy Earth Day! It's Day 3 of Earth Day Week at EcoScrapbook and today I'm sharing another eco-friendly project I recently completed.

Apparently, there are several ways to make your own fire starter. I narrowed it down to one of the simplest ways to start a backyard fire this summer: dryer lint and toilet paper rolls.

If you've been a long time reader, you know I've made several crafts with toilet paper rolls. In fact, my Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies are famous and brings in the most traffic to this blog. Crazy, huh?

I've also scrapbooked with dryer lint. Google "scrapbook dryer lint" and you'll also find me on the first page. Another, who woulda thunk?

Both dryer lint and toilet paper rolls can end up as trash or if you don't regularly clean out the dryer's lint trap, your house can burn down. So instead, save these items and make something new like DIY fire starter.

I'm using a saved Cutie mesh bag to store these fire starters made from toilet paper rolls and dryer lint.

Check back tomorrow as Earth Day Week continues! ~Danielle

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