The not so picture-perfect transfer during a Week in the Life

On Monday, I shared how I chose to buy an HTC Evo 4G (start there if you are new to my Week in the Life series) and when it's time for a new phone, it's also time to remove all those photos and videos from the old cell phone. 

I did it the hard way.

Day 5: The Not So Picture-Perfect Transfer

This is how NOT to transfer photos from your cell phone to your computer.

One by one, I emailed each and every photo...each and every video...to myself in order to download everything from my Blackberry to my computer. That was not a quick and easy task, nor is it the way it's supposed to work.

Why did I take on this task? My computer was hit by a (stupid and annoying) virus a couple months ago so I had to take it in to be serviced. Luckily, all my documents and photos were unharmed, but the computer has never been the same. It didn't recognize my phone, even after uninstalling and then reinstalling the software.

I could have just waited to have all the photos transferred to my new phone, but they still needed to get to my computer (and I was also worried about losing pics during the transfer).

Two-hundred photos and videos later, the transfer was complete. It took a big portion of my Friday, but I was also working on other projects in between all the sending and downloading. 

It wasn't as bad as it sounds.

I edited the photos and uploaded them to Shutterfly, leaving the videos to be dealt with at a later time.

Lesson: Download photos from your phone to your computer on a regular basis so you do not have to transfer almost a year's worth of pics in one day.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of my Week in the Life project: What Not to Wear (to Mi Hacienda). My doodled people aren't stick figures (although they aren't completely proportional) and they ARE funny.