Take Twelve: April 2012

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, 
we borrow it from our children. 
~Native American Proverb

Earth Day is just around the corner and I wanted to focus this month's Take Twelve on some of the things I've accomplished in my attempt to live a greener life. 

As I went through the day on April 12, taking pictures and thinking green, I realized that I'm not doing enough for the earth. I want to do more and make some sort of impact in the world. I'm vague now, but I do have a plan. Until then, here are twelve little eco-conscious things I've done or continue to do on a regular basis:

1. Planted 25 Emerald Green Arborvitae (evergreens) along my fence for (future) privacy in the backyard. I ordered them in March and they ended up arriving on April 10, the day of my haircut and 40 degree weather (there were even a few snowflakes). Picture me all bundled up and getting dirty, but with a cool new 'do.

2. Read a perpetual calendar on a daily basis with tips on "going green."

3. Bought cloth napkins to reduce our paper napkin consumption.

4. Recycle every single day. We've been doing it here before it was mandatory.

5. Documented my "green" activities on the 12th day of April for Ella Publishing's Take Twelve Challenge.

6. Wear an "I {heart} Green" organic t-shirt every Earth Day. (It's getting worn-out, but a fun tradition.)

7. Save various (trash-to-treasure) items in my upcycle drawer for future craft projects.

8. Made an Earth Day mini-album with cardboard and paper scraps.

9. Save, recycle and reuse plastic bags. (Link to an old project: plastic bag skirt)

10. Stopped using paper plates for the month of April. I'm a convenience girl that dislikes washing dishes, but can handle a month of regular plate washing. Normally, my family eats most meals on dinner plates, yet we still love the ease of an occasional paper plate.

11. Reuse the blank sides of school papers, junk mail, unwanted artwork for notes, to do lists, etc.

12. Collect reusable bags. I use these often, but not for groceries. I always seem to forget to grab them before I head out to the store. They're there, close to the back door, conveniently waiting for me to start using them again. My mind just needs to be there when I leave.

And like each month, I share the last month's finished Take Twelve layout. Below is my scrapbook page for March 2012.

I'm happy to announce that my collage was featured on Ella's blog, The Daily Trumpet. It was very cool seeing all that St. Patrick's Day green as I was catching up with my blog reading. (Sorry I haven't been by to comment lately. Life has been hectic here, but I plan to show my support again soon.)

EVENTS: Don't forget about the Earth Day Blog Hop this coming Sunday (April 22). There's a giveaway involved! Also, there are currently no entries in the Toilet Paper Roll Challenge. C'mon crafters...show me your projects for a chance to win a big prize pack! I'm all about having fun this month (maybe because someone is having a birthday on the 20th)! ~Danielle

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