Wine Cork Bird House

At the time of this post, there are 367,000 Google Search results for wine cork craft. The project below will make it 367,001.

Several years ago, I made my mom a wine cork bird house:

I spent a few hours with a hot glue gun and a bag full of wine corks that were saved over the course of a year (maybe less, knowing my mom and her friends at the time). 

With no design in mind, I started making one wall after the other, along with a floor and a roof that was saved for last. Of course, I had to throw in some grapes as embellishments and a bird. 

After this experience, I became a hot glue addict for a while. I decorated the border of a mirror with sea shells (it still hangs in my bathroom), fixed things around the house with my glue gun and made an assortment of other crafts. 

Eventually, the glue gun went to rest, but made a comeback when I was reorganizing my craft room. It helped me create a paper organizing solution, but it's still a work in progress. I'll share it here when I'm done.

Back to the wine cork bird house...I visited my parents over the weekend and finally remembered to photograph my old project. I decided to make it a part of Crafting A Green World's Green Crafts Showcase.

If you aren't familiar with Crafting A Green World, it's "the home of eco-friendly crafts." I'm inspired every time I visit and recently added their feed to my Google Reader so I wouldn't miss another post.

This is my first time participating in CAGW's monthly Green Crafts Showcase and if you would like to share your eco-friendly craft, you have until the 28th of each month to enter. Showcases are posted the first Friday of the month.

There is also another opportunity to share your green craft projects! I'm hosting an Earth Day blog hop and looking for other craft/scrapbook bloggers to participate. You'll share a project and/or how you are trying to live a green life, schedule your post for April 22 and include links to the other participants. You may do a giveaway if interested, but it's not required. Email me (ecoscrapbook at yahoo dot com) or find out more information here. Hope you'll join me! ~Danielle