A Week in the Life of Danielle's Brain and a phone obsession

Day 1: How I chose to buy an HTC Evo 4G

One stressed-out, crazy-haired mama, researching cell phones and wearing her pink fuzzy slippers.

Sorry for the long post, but my twisted Week in the Life project needs a little explanation.


We all have them from time to time. Some are long-lasting while others may only stick around for a day or two.

The first day of my Week in the Life project was centered around my obsession to find a new cell phone. After two years of having Blackberries, my husband and I were ready for a change.

As the photographer of the family, I wanted a phone with an awesome camera and plenty of photo apps. And since I love to listen to music (when I craft and shower), a big data hog, I had to have unlimited data.

So, on Day 1 of a Week in the Life of Danielle's Brain, I researched dozens of cell phones, various providers and an assortment of plans. I'm pictured with thought bubbles, along with my crazy, stressed-out hair and of course, my fuzzy pink slippers (drawing people is not my forte).

After going from one site to the next, the decision was made to purchase HTC Evo 4G phones and go with Sprint since they are the only providers offering unlimited data. You may notice that the iPhone is not listed and this is because we bought our phones through my mother-in-law, an ACN representative. Unfortunately, ACN does not carry the iPhone. Thus, we now have androids.

Let's talk a bit about my zany idea to draw my thoughts instead of taking photos...

Basically, I wanted to do my own thing. I went with the flow of my thoughts and chose not to take dozens (if not hundreds) of photos a day. I challenged myself to draw. Well, actually they are more like doodles (I call them my brain doodles...Why? Because I think I'm funny sometimes, a little weird and I still can't draw the same images I see in my brain. If I could, I'd be a brilliant artist making tons of cash. And thoughts cannot be photographed).

With EcoScrapbook, I'm all about experimenting with alternative scrapbooking, from using eco-friendly scrapbooking supplies and recycling to digiscrapping and photography, which is why I chose to use an unwanted children's book as my canvas.

My supplies for the entire Week in the Life project included items that were in my stash (well, more like my daughter's stash): a black Sharpie, Crayola markers (the new eco-friendly ones), colored pencils, pen, glue stick, paper scraps, magazine letters, diecut letters, scissors, old printer paper and a children's book called How to be a Star in 7 days or less (perfectly fitting for a Week in the Life project).

What can you look forward to during my Week in the Life series? Well, there'll be some Searching for Mortal Kombat, Back-to-School Shopping 1985 vs. 2011, 4 Days of Freedom, The Not So Picture-Perfect Transfer, What Not to Wear to Mi Hacienda and finally, I Ate Beef (for the first time in over a year).

Stay tuned tomorrow for another brain doodle.

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