My 20-Year-Old Cheerleading Scrapbook

When I first started scrapbooking, I utilized construction paper, scissors, glue, tape and an assortment of free (and mostly handmade) embellishments. In the early years of my beloved hobby, I had to be either creative with what was available or left with plain and boring scrapbook pages.

I chose the creative route and my love of colorful scrapbook pages has followed me to this day. Take a peek at my 20-year-old cheerleading scrapbook:

Without page protectors, my scrapbooks were loaded with plenty of pop-up pages, allowing me to create a three-page spreads, six-page spreads and sometimes, even larger layouts.

The introductory pages said "Cheerleaders are..." and when opened up said "Athletes" (always debated back in my day).

Here's an example of several pop-up pages within a layout:

I included try-out information, practice schedules and several photos:

The pages weren't always pretty:

But I made them work and told my cheerleading squad's story:

I introduced the football team...

with a spectacular display:

that just kept going...

and going...

And then there was the Homecoming game (flowers included):

This is what we called layering back in the day:

Gotta love pop-up flames for the bonfire:

Of course there are plenty of pages in between and I plan on adding them to Flickr. And I have a secret. The scrapbook isn't finished. I organized well, but never took the time to complete this scrapbook. Will I ever get around to it? Only time will tell.

I most definitely enjoyed going down memory lane and I hope you did too. There's still one more scrapbook I have yet to find. It's my very first one and not sure where it is or if it still exists. I was around 5-years-old when I started my first scrapbook, so that means I've been a scrapbooker for 30 years! Does that make me old?!?

How long have you been scrapbooking? ~Danielle


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