A Build-A-Bear Doppelganger Says Boo!

A Build-A-Bear doppelganger says boo! Say what? 

As our sweet furry cat relaxed on the dining room floor, she had no idea what was coming. My daughter brought home a new Build-A-Bear that looked almost like our cat. I snapped photos as the doppelganger crept closer and closer and finally, our cat turned around for the shock of her life!

"Boo!" 12x12 Halloween Scrapbook Layout Using Paper Scraps

I scrapbooked both the original photo and it's doppelganger, a shared square Instagram. You can see a close-up of our wide-eyed cat below:

This layout features paper scraps from previous projects. I just love creating the banner effect with my leftover scraps.

Stay tuned for more Halloween-themed scrapbook layouts this month! ~Danielle


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