Secret journaling tool for scrapbookers

No Secrets
photo source: katerha on Flickr

How many times have you worked on a scrapbook page and when it was time for journaling, you couldn't remember all the details of that very special day?

Can't even count the number of times, right?

Well, I recently discovered a cool writing tool that will motivate you to journal every single day.

Do you want to know what it is?

It's a website called 750words.com. I've written over 22,000 words since I started thirty days ago and have received various badges like The Penguin (after writing five days in a row) and The Hamster (for writing ten days in a row with no distractions).

I have never been more motivated to write daily until I found 750words.com. I use it as a diary, to do list and a way to draft my blog posts or other writing ideas. I was amazed when I wrote nearly 500 words about my youngest daughter's first day of preschool. Imagine the scrapbook page for that day! I won't have to worry about remembering all the little details since I captured the moment in my daily log.

What's really cool about 750words.com is that it automatically saves your writing every few minutes. It's private, so no one will see what you write and you can export the text at any time...perfect for future scrapbook journaling.