How to Print Instagram Photos

Last week, I shared my Instagramed Week in the Life Project. Today, I'd like to show you how I printed my Instagram photos on Shutterfly. 

After transferring the photos from my phone to my computer and then to Shutterfly, I chose the prints I wanted to order and went to the Cart page. I clicked Preview:

And then Adjust cropping:

I chose the Custom crop tool:

to create a square photo:

I chose the Free option to print the square Instagram photo as a 4x6 print.

Back on the Cart page, I was able to review the print to make sure the image fit the space perfectly and wasn't cut off. I had to do this for every Instagram photo - a bit tedious, but worth it.

I placed my order and waited for the bright orange package to arrive. Once it did, I cropped each Instagram photo, leaving a white border around each:

 and stamped on the photo scraps to use them throughout the project:

Read more about my Instagramed Week in the Life Project here and view all the scrapbook layouts on Flickr

How do you print your Instagram photos? ~Danielle

Note: I have no affiliation with Shutterfly, but I do utilize their annual print plan so I only have to pay 10 cents per photo and receive a free photo book each year.