Tutorial: Turn a Cereal Box into a Gift Box

Does this look like a cereal box to you? 

I certainly hope you said no. For my most recent craft tutorial, I decided to decorate a store brand cereal box as an elegantly upcycled gift box using scrapbook paper, Glue Dots© and a few other supplies. Here's how I made it...


Glue Dots© (Craft or Glue Lines)
cereal box
4 sheets of 12x12 decorative cardstock (Basic Grey*)
twine (Pink Paislee)
coffee sleeve
scoring tool
hole punch
brown ink
stamp (Stampology "Billboard")

*Basic Grey is an EcoScrapbook Approved scrapbook company.

1. Cut the top flaps off the cereal box.

2. Measure the cereal box and score cardstock to fold around the corners of the box. Two sheets of cardstock will be needed to wrap around the box. Do not cut off excess cardstock.

3. Attach cardstock to the box using Glue Dots©. Cut excess cardstock at the corners and fold over the top of box.

4. Cut a piece of cardstock for the bottom of the box and attach with Glue Dots©.

5. Trim additional cardstock to wrap around the bottom half of the box and attach with Glue Dots©.

6. Wrap twine around the box and tie a bow.

7. Punch holes at the top of the box, two for the front and two for the back, insert ribbon and secure with knots to create two handles. Set aside.

8. Create a gift tag by cutting a coffee sleeve in half, distress the edges, punch holes at top for ribbon. Wrap twine around the tag and tie around the cereal box's handle, corrugated side out. Stamp a phrase onto an extra piece of cardstock and attach to tag with Glue Dots©. 

This project can be completed in less than an hour and is perfect for those occasions when you don't have a gift box on hand for a special event. It's also made from items that normally end up in the recycling bin and eco-friendly scrapbook paper.

Would you like to learn another way to make a gift box? Be sure to check out Zaira's (HacerScrapbooks) tutorial on how to turn a shirt box lid into a gift box. ~Danielle

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Disclosure: This blog post was written while participating on the Glue Dots design team.