Take Twelve: January 2012

When I first heard of Ella Publishing's Take Twelve Challenge, I immediately knew I wanted to join in and take twelve photos on the twelfth day of every month in 2012. I'm all about new ways to scrapbook and this is not going to be like all my other albums.

I used to scrapbook every single photo and made thick 12x12 yearly albums. That only lasted about four years (luckily). Then I switched to another type of 12x12 album, documented three years in that one and didn't include every single photo I took during that time period. Now I tend to focus on scrapbooking my favorite photos for my paper layouts and create photo books for the rest (I'm almost halfway through my 2011 book! I WILL meet my February 15 Groupon deadline!).

For my Take Twelve project, I'll be photographing things I usually neglect to record, along with the thing I love (like my cutie pies). I'm guessing you'll probably get to know me a lot better...starting now!

Have a look-see at January 12, 2012:

1. Q. What's in my purse?
A. A pull-up, wipes, cough drops, mints, gum, crayons, pens, pencil, wallet, rice paper (a lifesaver for oily skin), Vaseline, lip gloss, lipstick, perfume, Bast relic (for protection), lens cleaning wipe (for cell phone), hand sanitizer, Neosporin, sunscreen, tampon, lotion, bandages.

2. Q. What's in the hubby's lunchbox? 
A. Ice packs, coffee mug, lighter, tape measure, gum, sanitizer, gloves, wrench.

3. Q. What's in a 3rd graders book bag? 
A. A lunchbox, Monster High stuffed doll, 3 folders, Tales of Terror by Edgar Allen Poe, a Nancy Drew book, fingerless gloves, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener.

4. Q. What's in a preschooler's backpack? 
A. A pair of gloves, a half a pair of gloves, hat, Hello Kitty socks, dress-up slipper, 3D glasses, 2 phones, 5 rubber bracelets, 3 plastic bracelets, 2 lip glosses, toy baby bottle, 2 faux lipsticks, play money.

5. Q. What does a 3rd grader wear on her wrist? 
A. 5 different kinds of bracelets: Peace band, braided duct tape (made by me), 3 jelly, 4 bangles, friendship (also made by me and not shown since it was still on her wrist and she did not want to be photographed).

6. Q. How many headbands does a preschooler have? 
A. 25.

7. Q. What does the Hunter family wear outside when it's cold? 
A. Winter coats, silly. From left to right: Preschooler, 3rd Grader, Me, Hubby.

8. Q. What magazines are on the end table?  
A. Fitness, Us Weekly, Women's Health, Marie Claire, random catalogs. (All but Fitness are free trials and I know, not the most eco-friendly, but they will be recycled and/or upcycled.)

9. Q. How many pairs of shoes can you find in the kitchen?  
A. 25. (Yikes!)

10. Q. Don't lie. How many pairs of shoes can you find in the kitchen? (And include the ones that don't fit or are broken.)  
A. 33. The 3 Hunter girls had 11 each. (Update: There are now 18 pairs of shoes in our kitchen. Hey, at least it's not 33...however, we need a better solution like this one on Pinterest.)

11. Q. What's happening in the kitchen (besides all those shoes)? 
A. We're going to update the kitchen and recently started pulling off the sunflower wallpaper (after watching a home improvement show where they revealed wood behind their wallpaper. We didn't get as lucky.)

12. Q. Do you ever wash your dishes? (See #10 from 25 Things You May Not Know About Me)
A. Yes, but it doesn't take long for the sink to fill up again. Note to self: It's time to unclutter the fridge. P.S. Did you see the decoupaged newspaper door? It'll look much better without all that distracting sunflower wallpaper.

Did I learn anything? Most certainly! The biggest shocker of the day...can you guess? That we somehow managed to fit 33 pairs of shoes in our kitchen. I had no idea there were that many tucked away in two different spots.

Now that the collage is made, I'll print it and use the supplies I currently own to create a layout. I edited the photos in Picasa and used the 1960s filter with no border before I made the collage (in case you were wondering). I'll continue making photo collages for each month and put it all together in an 8.5x11 album.

I'm excited to see what else I learn! Take care! ~Danielle