Tutorial: Make a confetti dropper for your New Year's Eve party in less than 30 minutes

It's New Year's Eve and you're desperate for a fun and quick decoration. What do you do?

Grab a large gift bag, tissue paper, Glue Dots® and all those tiny pieces of scrap paper you've been saving all year and let's make a confetti dropper!

DIY Confetti Dropper for New Year's Eve

Glue Dots® (Lines, Removable)
large gift bag
rope handles from the gift bag (tied together)
tissue paper
scrap paper

1. Cut out two large circles from the gift bag. Cut a small circle in the center of one of the large circles (this will be the top circle).

Tip: Don't have a large gift bag? Try newspaper instead.

2. Adhere Glue Dots Glue Lines® to the outer edges of the bottom circle to attach the top circle.

Craft Glue Dots® can be used in place of Glue Lines®.

3. Cut a circle into the tissue paper (I double layered the tissue paper) slightly larger than the small circle from Step 1. Make a small slit into the center of the tissue paper circle and insert one side of the rope handle. Secure the rope to the tissue paper using a Removable Glue Dot®.

Make sure you secure the rope to the tissue paper with a Glue Dot®.

4. Add confetti to the gift bag circle.

Confetti is the perfect reason to save all those tiny pieces of scrapbook paper!

5. Tuck the tissue paper into the center of the gift bag circle.

Almost ready! One more step...

6. Cover the back of the gift bag circle with plenty of Removable Glue Dots® before attaching to the ceiling. (Shhh...mine is still up and I made this project in November!)

The Removable Glue Dots® dot runner makes this process even faster!

When it's midnight, pull the rope and watch the confetti pour down!

Disclosure: This blog post was written while participating on the Glue Dots design team.